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Review of Renpure Originals Brazilian Keratin Straightening Shampoo and Conditioner — 16 fl oz

4.5 out of 5

Alrighty guys, here it is plain and simple: if you want smooth, nice smelling and healthy hair, go with this brand. It is an almost organic brand which contains loads of different types of oils including the ever popular coconut oil. It makes my hair SO soft it’s unbelievable.

I teach swim lessons almost everyday so chlorine plays a huge factor on the health of my hair. But this shampoo and conditioner doesn’t make my hair overly dry and coarse or greasy. I wash it almost everyday and my hair still feels so silky and nice.

It smells so nice. My friend says that it smells like “Hawaii in a bottle.” If you like the smell of coconut, you’ll love the smell of these guys.

Price wise? No biggie. Each bottle is like $5 each. I got mine from a store called Bartells. But I’m sure you can find it in the organic section of any drugstore.

The only con? I have a lot of hair so I need a lot of conditioner to lather up my hair. For very bottle of shampoo, I need at least two bottles of conditioner.

Would I recommend it?


Would I use it again?


The next organic-ish product that I’m trying out is the Yes to Tomatoes daily pore scrub and acne lotion. I’ll write a review on that soon.

Till then!


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